Buying with Michelle

Michelle’s success is a by-product of her ability to connect with people, to distill the needs of her clients and colleagues and find common ground. Everything Michelle does is with an attitude of optimism, a knowledge-base built over the years, and an up-to-date understanding of the market.

The Process


The first step in a buyer's journey is building a wish list. What do you need? What would be nice to have, and what can you live without? Then, it's time to consider your budget. What is a realistic ask given your financial constraints and what compromises can you make? Michelle knows how to stretch your budget, and what you can expect to find in your snack bracket.


Michelle will set up a custom listing notification email, so you'll be alerted every time a property matching your criteria comes to market.


Michelle will make herself available to visit properties of interest to you. After the viewing, she'll follow up with the listing agent to pursue answers to all your questions. If it works out, the goal will be to see multiple properties at once, so you have a complete view of the market and can make an informed decision before making an offer.


Now is the time during the buyer journey where it's crucial to have an experienced realtor in your corner. Michelle understands the market, offer strategies, conditions and what's needed to seal the deal. She'll consult with the listing agent, and you, to ensurer you're making an offer that maximizes your chances of securing your dream property!


Sometimes your offer will include conditions that need to be established before closing. A popular example is a home inspection, to ensure there won't be any surprises when it comes time to take possession. Michelle has the resources required to make these processes as quick and seamless as possible. Once your offer is closed, Michelle will accompany you on your purchaser's visits so you can start imaging life in your new home.

Michelle is backed by the people, processes, network, and technology of Chestnut Park Brokerage